Transform your Good Old Bike



The cargo bike attachment 3D, is a concept developed in collaboration with Holscher Design in Denmark.
It is designed to transform a regular bike into a two-wheel cargo bike.
The benefit of using steering like ours is that we free up a lot of space above the front wheel. Space that can be used as a cargo area. This also allows us to put the front wheel closer to the bike, making the bike shorter. A shorter bike is easier to park and improves handling. The add-on rides more as a normal bike and less like a regular Long-John cargo bike.
The congestion on bike lanes has become a growing issue. Our cargo bike attachment provides a solution that is smaller and narrower than traditional cargo bikes, making it easier for all cyclists to navigate busy streets.


One of the unique features of our cargo bike attachment is that it includes IP-protected parts that can be connected to the bike’s frame and fork without the need for adjustments to accommodate different headtube angles. This feature ensures that the attachment can be easily installed on a wide range of bikes.



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